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Welcome to KidsFashionPassion – your premier line identification website!!! Gap is adding new summer pieces every day. From Aurora to Garden Green, Sunshine to Greenhouse, East Coast Prep to Explorer, and Team USA to the Islands, we have added 29 new collections to the website. Check out some of the latest items that have been released for SPRING OCCASIONS. More to follow over the next few days!
Gap 2014 Boys EW475 Gap 2014 Girls SO475
Colorblock items popping up!
Gap KG Colorblock
Did you know? Currently, we are busy adding more brands to our line identification service, such as a simple line identification to the sku search for Gymboree and Janie & Jack. Several years and skus have been added. Please click on the corresponding tabs to learn more. Please note, the Gymboree/Janie & Jack search is under construction and only partially operational. As always, we will continue to host Gap photos and provide sku searching for our beloved brand. In 2013, we received a generous donation of Naartjie skus from FashionMomCafe. Although skus from 2010-2012 are not searchable on the sku search, they are available in picture format for manual identification. Skus from 2013 to present are searchable on the sku search. We welcome Naartjie missing sku additions for photos that are posted, but do not have a sku number attached. As always, thank you for visiting and supporting!

Here is what some of our current members has to say about us…

Thank you, KFP, for putting an end to the hours of fruitless and disorganized searching for photos and line names!! I LOVE being able to just type in a Gap SKU # and pop up the photo and name! And best of all, the Naartjie addition, I used to dread listing Naartjie, now I love it! Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into this site!! — RIANA

KFP is awesome!!!! I know Val and her hubby have put so much time and energy into the site!! I will never go without a membership there!!! The SKU search for me is essential! It saves so many hours of my life!! — MELISSA

Thanks so much for making KFP a “go to” site to ID clothing. It’s so easy to use and being able to look items up by SKU saves hours of time!! Love you guys!! — YVETTE

SKU search saved my marriage! — SANTELLA

I’m so thankful for KFP! It has already saved me so much time and energy. I was hoping for a site that would be easy to use and allow me to search by SKU, and now there is one. You just punch in the SKU and there’s the ID. No more searching thru photos. Thanks for giving me more time with my family, KFP!” — STEPHANIE


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